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About Us

We are Projects for Progress, a community development non-profit that is currently working in Benin, West Africa. Started in 2008 by Jace and Sarah Rabe, PfP believes in sustainable projects that are filtered through three organizational pillars, clean water, education, and small business development. Through these pillars, we believe that lasting change will be evident through the villages we partner with in Benin.  We are partnering with three villages in the north of Benin, Tourou, Sanson, and Badekparou. PfP strives to build relationships and partnerships with these villages.  Our plan is not to visit a village one or two times, assist with one problem and move on, but we “adopt” the village and begin to cultivate a covenant relationship with the leaders and local villagers. We commit to long term involvement and require the same of the village.  They must have ownership in the changes, they must have a voice in the change they want for their village and community.  This type of relationship is accomplished through us listening, evaluating, keeping our word, but most importantly showing them Christ’s love.



Mission Statement: To provide strategic solutions to third world problems that create lasting change in the lives of people by empowering communities and individuals with sustainable developmental projects. Our purpose is to meet the physical and emotional needs of those communities and individuals, thereby creating a relationship where their spiritual needs can be fulfilled.


Vision Statement: To create a world without third world problems and to impact the lives of those we encounter, to forever change their perception of themselves and their self-worth, and to increase their value within their family and community by putting into action the love spoken of by Jesus Christ.

Current Projects

Village Projects
In addition to long term projects, we conduct short term outreaches.
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Small Business Development
Sustainable projects that bring transformation to the economy is what is going to bring lasting change to a people in need.
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Project Dado Orphan Sponsorship
Being an orphan in Benin is a little different than in other parts of the world. Children are viewed as property, property that is “owned” by the father and the father’s side of the family.
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Clean Water Project
Well construction is a continual project with PfP because the need for clean water is so great.
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