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Clean Water Project

Well construction is a continual project with PfP because the need for clean water is so great. Providing clean water is so basic, and completely necessary if change is to occur within a village. The incredible thing about clean water is that from the very first sip change begins. The body becomes healthier, allowing one to attend school, work, and provide for the family. With a well comes a new life.

The current water sources for area villages include hand dug wells, small rivers, and flooded land during the rainy season. All of the sources are dirty and consumed with dangerous bacteria and disease. They wash their clothes, bathe, bring their animals to drink, and draw cooking and drinking water all from the same source. Because clean water is so powerful, this is one of the first things we do when partnering with a village.


Badekparou Well

Badekparou, a small village of 8,000 people, sets farther in the bush than the other two partnering villages. Majority of… Read More »Badekparou Well

Sanson Well

The well in the village of Sanson built in 2008 provides clean water for approximately 10,000 people. With this project,… Read More »Sanson Well

Tourou Well

Tourou is the first village we adopted and after meeting with the village elders and chief it was decided that… Read More »Tourou Well