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Badekparou Well

Badekparou, a small village of 8,000 people, sets farther in the bush than the other two partnering villages. Majority of the villagers are extremely poor and uneducated. Badekparou has a working well that pumps clean healthy water, but the government owns it. This means that the well remains locked, a government employee guards it and collects money from the villagers if they want to use it. There is not free access to clean water, their government is charging them to fill each of their basins with the water from their well, but because of the severe poverty in that community they are unable to afford the purchase of water. Instead, what the local villagers have done is dig their own wells. They are about 30 feet deep, filled with dirty rain water and debris. While we were walking through the village, we saw some women drawing water from one of the hand dug wells, and they carried that dirty water home to give to their children to drink, to cook with, and to bathe with. It made us heart sick to know that this was their only option. After seeing their water sources, we decided a well has to be built in this village, and that is the task at hand. If you want to provide clean water to this village, if you want to stop sickness immediately and have an instant impact, then donate to the clean water project.