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Tourou Well

Tourou is the first village we adopted and after meeting with the village elders and chief it was decided that clean water was the number one priority. Within the first year of our partnership the well was built.  We partnered with Sterling Corporation from Alpharetta, Georgia to build the well.  It was built in honor of Barry Katz, the owner’s father. The village held a well dedication ceremony that following summer, which we attended. There was music and dancing, they gave us a gift made by someone in the village, different villagers stood up to talk about the benefits of the new well and how it was changing the village, but it was what the chief said that was like banging thunder calling us to attention.  He stood up and said, “People have come to our village and promised to give us clean water, but they never returned. You kept your word and not only returned, but brought us clean water.” At that moment, we realized we wanted to be partnered with them for a life time, they need someone to keep their word and be there for them.  They can not do it on their own, but they are willing to join with someone to help themselves and we wanted to be that someone. This well provides fresh clean water for over 15,000 people.  The well is located near the market, so as those who live farther away come in for market they can take clean water back to their homes.