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Small Business Development

Sustainable projects that bring transformation to the economy is what is going to bring lasting change to a people in need. This is the thought behind the Small Enterprise Development (SED) Project, and the business school classes. These programs are focused toward women who have the desire to operate their own business, but do not possess all the necessary tools. These developmental programs have been hugely successful due to the accountability factor among the ladies and the fact that they must contribute monies they have saved toward their business. Through this program they are able to invest into their own future and the future of their families, giving them a sense of pride and ownership.


Small Enterprise Development Project

This program works in partnership with our education projects. ┬áMany of the women who are involved with our Life Skills… Read More »Small Enterprise Development Project

Business Classes

Business classes are offered in all three of our villages that introduce basic principles of business. They are learning how… Read More »Business Classes