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Village Projects

In addition to long term projects, we conduct short term outreaches. These outreaches do not solve any community problems, but they allow us to show love to people who are desperate and struggling in the most simplistic ways. For those moments there is no one more important than those in front of us. They are drawing the very best out of us and we are pouring into them all that we have, both of us being changed through this interaction. It is amazing the impact a sticker, a balloon, or face paint can make. These outreaches cultivate the relationships that we are building in Benin and allow us to love and laugh with those that are forgotten. Not only do the outreaches consist of soccer equipment, beanie babies, stickers, and games, but we also conduct medical and nutritional outreaches. Through these medical outreaches we are able to meet basic medical needs that otherwise would go overlooked and dispense nutritional supplements to those severely malnourished.


Medical Outreach

In September 2010, the first malnutrition and medical outreaches were conducted in the three local villages of Tourou, Sanson, and… Read More »Medical Outreach

Beanie Baby Outreach

Imagine never receiving gifts, attention, or love.  Because girls are devalued and treated unequally, the girls of Benin never experience… Read More »Beanie Baby Outreach

Soccer Outreach

Number one sport in Benin, soccer.  They love it, so much so that they play without cleats, jerseys, or soccer… Read More »Soccer Outreach