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Medical Outreach

In September 2010, the first malnutrition and medical outreaches were conducted in the three local villages of Tourou, Sanson, and Badekparou.  A doctor and three nurses volunteered to travel up to the north of Benin for 3 days and gave of their skills to see around 500 children ages 0-6 years old.  They dispensed medicine, vitamins, and health supplements.  A general first aid station was also set up.  For 25 cents per child, a local doctor would help with infected cuts, rashes, or the unknown.  Between the two stations, approximately 700-800 adults and children were given attention.  It is amazing what simple antibiotics, first aid supplies, and vitamins will do.  Although our team could have seen more patients, we did not have the supplies.  There were women lined up for hours with screaming babies to have a chance at seeing the doctor.  When they realized that supplies were getting low, they began passing and shoving their children to the front of the line in desperation.  Some resorted to fighting each other so that their child would get to see the doctor, but for many it was in vain.  Our supply is limited and the need is endless, but with your support more lives can be saved.  We continually accept donations of medical and first aid supplies. Our goal is to conduct medical outreaches 2-4 times a year.