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Soccer Outreach

Number one sport in Benin, soccer.  They love it, so much so that they play without cleats, jerseys, or soccer balls.  Most play in bare feet or flip flops if they have them and they find trash, ball it up, tape it up, and create a soccer ball.  Most of us can not imagine letting our kids run around outside without shoes on, so playing a soccer game with no shoes on a field full of rocks and stubble would be unthinkable, but that is every day for these kids.  They would love to have a soccer ball or cleats, but when having three meals a day or going to school is questionable, soccer equipment is not even on the radar.  So, our friend Kyle had the idea of collecting used soccer equipment from local soccer teams in the US and sending them to Benin for the village kids.  Huge success!  The happiness and joy this brings is amazing.  If you would like to join us in this outreach, come on.  Round up any soccer equipment you can, we accept equipment for youth and adults, and you will be on the way to bring indescribable joy to a youth that only dreams of this.