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Our education projects currently focus on children and women. The lack of education for children in Benin effects both boys and girls. Because a family must pay for uniforms, books, and supplies they can not afford to send their children to school and often resort to sending them to work. The boys will be sent to work in the fields and the girls will be sent to sell small items on the street, in the market, or become a house servant. The problem of child labor and lack of education are intertwined, hand in hand. So, through our push for education among the children we are also combating child labor and trafficking.

Due to the views of women’s roles within the Beninese society, many women are uneducated and lack the proper tools for success in their daily living. Eventhough they are looked to as the provider and keeper of the homes, they are expected to accomplish these tasks while remaining uneducated. Through our education projects, women are becoming empowered and a shift in the mindset of the village is taking place.


Club PfP

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Women’s Life Skills Class

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